Siding Installation

Signs You May Need New Siding Installation

The siding on your home plays in an important role in the overall well-being of your home. Siding helps to protect the structural beams that support your home, the insulation that keeps your home warm, and the electrical wires that supply your home with electricity. If your siding is damaged, that siding may need to be removed and siding installation may be needed to replace that area. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what the signs are that their siding is damaged and may need to be replaced.


If you are in need of new siding installation, the siding on your home may be warped, splitting, separating from your home, bubbling, twisting or otherwise damaged. It may have obvious holes, or it may have cracks or splits in it. If your siding is stucco, it may be flaking or chunks of it may be falling off. Another sign that your siding is damaged is obvious signs of water damage. Your siding may have mold or mildew growing on it, or you may see water damage on your interior wall, which indicates that the siding is allowing water to seep in. If you notice one or more of these signs, you may need to find a handyman near me who can pull off your siding and replace your damaged siding with new siding.


Are you looking to find a handyman near me who can help you with siding installation? AG Holmes Handyman Services can help you with your siding needs. We can walk around your home with you and point out any signs of damaged siding. From there, we can remove and replace damaged siding or even remove all of the siding from your home and install entirely new siding. Call now to schedule an appointment to have us look at your siding.