Exterior Trim

How Interior and Exterior Trim Can Spruce Up Your Home

If you are looking to increase the curb appeal of your home, add detail or add character, both interior and exterior trim can help you with this task. Interior and exterior trim add more depth and dimension to a space, while also adding character. Trim adds a contract on the walls and your home, and many people take advantage of this by painting the trim a different color than the rest of their walls or their homes.


There are different types of interior and exterior trim that you can add to your home. Many types of trims have designs integrated into the wood, which helps to add even more characteristics to the trim. But even base level trim can be a great way to define the space. Trim work can be placed around windows or doors to help define those spaces, or can be used around the edges of a home or along the ceiling inside your home. The thickness of the trim work can also help to add more drama or emphasis, as can the type of wood that is used to create the trim.


Whether you are looking for interior trim or exterior trim, you will want to hire a professional who can help you find the right trim for your home and then install it. Here at AG Holmes Handyman Services, we have years of experience installing trim both inside and outside of your home. I will work with you to select trim that creates the emphasis and detail that you are looking for. Once the trim is installed, I can paint or stain it, ensuring that it stands out and looks great. Call me today and let's get started on your interior or exterior trim work.